Support of young needy persons to realise their university studies
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How can you help

Study-Help proposes you several possibilities:

  1. Sponsorship
    The sponsor makes a commitment to transfer monthly the amont of 150€ at the asbl Study-Help till the end of the studies chosen by the needy student. The asbl Study-Help continues funds entirely to the personal account of the student and watches the follow-up of the studies. The sponsor receives the contact details of the student and is informed about the studies which he chose. He can communicate directly with him / her.
  2. Co-Sponsorship
    It is a sponsoring by two sponsors with a monthly transfer of 75€ of each to finance a needy student. The asbl Study-Help looks for the second sponsor, thus it could arrive that both sponsors must not necessary to know each other. The modalities are the same that for the sponsoring.
  3. Donation
    All the donations are welcome. 
  4. Honorary membership card
    A honorary membership card of the asbl Study-Help will be given by an annual payment of 15€ to our current account BIC: BGLLLULL – IBAN: LU23 0030 4251 1292 0000. The membership card will be sent to you by mail.
 Model of the sponsorship convention 

 Model of the convention - student