Support of young needy persons to realise their university studies
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About us

The asbl Study-Help was created in 2011 after experiences made in Romania by a project of support in favour of a children's home admitting children stemming from discriminated surroundings, especially in the school promotion of the children.

Arrived at the age of majority and thus time to leave the children's home, the children bright and motivated to continue their education abandon their projects a as a consequence of a lack of financing their studies.

The asbl Study-Help was created to support (by grants financed by a system of the sponsoring) and to motivate these young adults to continue their school formation in spite of their difficult financial situation. She assures the follow-up of their studies by coupling the obtaining of the grant with the success at school.

She acts without any lucrative objective and assures the complete continuation of funds received from the sponsor to the personal account of the needy student.

She chooses the students to sponsor and controls their school course by the intermediary and with the cooperation of local charities as the children's home St Iosif at Odorheiu Secuiesc and the Round Table Romania.

Study Help is an asbl annexed to the “Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg” (ONG). Your payments are fiscally deductible and you receive from our part a certificate to be joined to your tax return.